We Are A Non Profit Organization

Young Winners Grass Root Stars Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organization formed with the purpose of unearthing and developing precocious young football talents. We aim to use football as a means to give young people the opportunity of being involved in a group and keep them away from ill vices while offering them a chance to have an education and engage in sports. We understand that children are boisterous and full of energy and when that energy is not quickly harnessed, they could fall prey to societal ills. Conversely, if this exuberance is rightly channeled, they are quick to learn how to obey rules, and how to make positive use of their talents. This foundation therefore is to help engage children as young as 10 years, using football as a means to divert their minds from negative activities and show them a career path that will benefit them and the society. We recognize that sports can offer an important opportunity for building life skills of at-risk youth that allow them to better cope with daily life challenges and move away from involvement in violence and crime.

We Are A Strong Team

Our Objectives
* To make these dynamic youths pace setters in their various fields of future endeavours.
* To make them know that hard work pays.
* To reveal or harness their hidden potentials.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower youth by providing increased training opportunities, tools and resources to achieve significance in life through success in football.

We Work Together